What primary services do you offer?

Atlantic Auto Performance offers a wide range of ‘all-in to your door’ services. From sourcing vehicles in Canada, the United States, Mexico and China, to distributing vehicles to across Europe, Australia and China. Please see below for more details on how we can benefit your business.

What types of vehicles does Atlantic Auto sell?

Atlantic Auto Performance specializes in sourcing new cars, SUV's, pickup trucks, electric vehicles, motorcycles and ATV's.  With our long-term extensive international supply network, Atlantic Auto will be able to assist you with virtually any vehicle requests.

Do you offer parts and accessories?

Yes! In fact, Atlantic Auto sends weekly pallets of OEM and aftermarket parts and accessories via air freight to our customers around the world. If you need a single part for a unique vehicle or container load of various parts to operate your garage in a cost-efficient manner, please feel free to contact our dedicated parts department at [email protected]

How do I receive offers from Atlantic Auto Performance

Please feel free to Contact Us here, or Sign-up below for our offer list. Atlantic Auto Performance strives to know each of its clients specific needs in order to send you the offers most interesting to your business. 

Are vehicle purchases tax-free?

Clients never directly pay local taxes from vehicle source countries. As part of our service, the team at Atlantic Auto Performance handles local jurisdiction taxes, allowing you to concentrate on your business of selling vehicles. Clients are required to pay import duties, taxes and fees based upon their local regulations.

I am a dealer, can I sell vehicles to Atlantic Auto?

Yes! Atlantic Auto Performance is always looking to expand its global supply network. Our goal is to develop long-lasting mutually beneficial partnerships with all parties in our supply chain. Atlantic Auto has become a trusted partner of salespeople and dealerships around the world who wish to expand their reach in international vehicle sales.

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