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For nearly 30 years, the team at Atlantic Auto Performance Ltd has been supplying dealerships around the world with vehicles from Canada, Mexico, the US and beyond. Clients across Europe, Asia and Australia have come to depend on Atlantic Auto as The New Vehicle Export Experts.

New Vehicles

Atlantic Auto Performance sources vehicles around the world to meet the needs of our differing clients. Atlantic Auto Performance has the contacts for single vehicles, groups of vehicles, stock units or factory orders to supply you with the vehicles your clients are looking for.

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Parts Supply

The parts you need for the vehicles you sell. Atlantic Auto Performance sends shipments of parts on pallets weekly to our international clients via air freight. Our team is ready to assist you if you are looking for one part or a container of parts.

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Atlantic Auto Has Stock Units For You

Atlantic Auto Performance actively maintains an evolving stock of the most sought-after vehicles in North America.

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Electric Vehicles

The Electric Vehicle Revolution is upon us. Customer sentiment and governmental regulations are going to drive a new era forward. Atlantic Auto has positioned itself to meet your electric vehicle needs from various international sources.

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Vehicles from China

Vehicle manufacturers in China have quickly begun producing vehicles with the high quality that the rest of the world demands. The team at Atlantic Auto is actively supplying various international clients with vehicles sourced directly from Chinese vehicle manufacturers. 

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